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What was I thinking part 2

So traveling with a little one requires ALOT of stuff…even though my folks brought diapers (we used disposables…shhh…don’t tell the eco police;-P) and a pack n play…I still felt like I had a TON of stuff…
Since we were down in Southern California we decided to see the cousins…or I should say they decided to come see us…Matthew and Paula drove up for the day with the kids…we met them at Native Foods a favorite vegan restaurant…the above picture is from the board shop next door…funny I had never heard of the Holden brand before…
Here’s Holden looking very cute at the park…We also got to see my Cousin Jay and his family…They drove over from another part of LA…I finally got to meet his son Tyler…He’s almost 2! We all went to the park…and had a good time!
Here’s Lucy running on the play equipment…The “big” kids had a really good time and wore out the parents I am sure…

Here’s Flynn (front) and Tyler…playing in the sand…the wind came up and we had a few runny noses but mostly it was fun…Then we went back to the hotel and there was much delighted shrieking and playing we were sure my dad would come out of his meeting and ask us to keep it down…but no one seemed to care…besides our kids are too cute to get mad at:-)

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