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Cousin Love :-)

Many Saturday mornings we have coffee with Tom’s sister and brother-in-law…and Holden’s cousin MJ…So this past Saturday we had them over to our house…MJ just loves Holden…she sees him at least twice a week if not more…and if he’s not around she is probably talking about “olden” Its too sweet…really…
Clearly Holden needed a hug! MJ is so loving and mothering…she is often trying to mother Holden…telling him “no,no” if he is getting into something…and letting us know when he needs his diaper changed:-)
Giving kisses, while Holden pauses for a drink…

“Here Holden let me show you….”

“Ok I will do it myself…”

Holden says, ” Move over cuz…I can do it!”

Such fun to watch these two little ones interact and grow up together:-) MJ is 10 months older than Holden…Check out In His Love for the shorts I made Holden:-)


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