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Chocolate makes everything better…

So we had our first REAL injury at our house last night…we had Grandmere and Grandpere over for dinner for Grandmere’s birthday…Beth and Josh and MJ too of course…and our back were turned for a minute…and MJ was crying…so sad…she had a cut on her forehead along with what will probably turn into a very nice bruise…We are still not sure what happened…probably involved the couch and a wood coffee table…but who knows…she seemed somewhat recovered above… And of course after the chocolate…I made a cheesecake, and then also had chocolate covered strawberries, graham crackers, cookies and bananas…which we let the kids partake in a little…just looks like a lot when its all over your mouth:-)
Here’s MJ giving me her “strike a pose” look:-)
Holden had some chocolate too…trust me it looks like more than it was…He’s getting ready for his birthday:-)
Here he’s clapping for the chocolate:-)
Oh and on the 4th he surprised me by showing me this new trick…He can get in and out of his chair by himself…so now he loves doing it all the time…
He stands to get out of it…then leans forward to crawl away…walking is just around the corner I think…who knows…
  • July 18, 2007 - 2:49 am

    Sapphire & Dana - We have the same chair! Love the pics of him, he is so photogenic!<BR/><BR/>SapphireReplyCancel

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