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Swim Class

In July we took MJ and Holden to a 2-week swim class…more like swim play…But just a way to get them used to the water and around other kids…it was pure chaos, but also pretty good, as it showed us how to help them kick and we dunked them under water, they went down a slide…over all a good time:-) The guys took them a couple times too! Next time I think I would like a class with fewer kiddos in it…Holden was by far the youngest…
MJ says, “I am not letting go and plunging into THAT water!”

Holden wasn’t too sure either…he is just too small to stop himself…although I think both MJ and Holden would have been fine, had a familiar face been at the bottom and not the instructor…

during dunk…

Post-dunk…they look fine don’t they?

MJ Blowing bubbles with daddy…

Holden and daddy…

Holden after swim class…usually he needed a BIG snack:-)

  • August 13, 2007 - 7:35 pm

    Staci - How fun! As a former swim instructor…it’s great to get them introduced to the water so early!!! :)ReplyCancel

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