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Harvest Festival 2007

This past weekend we all ventured up to Grass Valley, to have a little fun at a Harvest Festival put on by Loma Rica Ranch it was quite fun! And the farm is organic! They had info about how to buy locally, and all that good stuff…The kids had a blast at all the activities…It will be even more fun when the kids are a bit older…But mental note…bring a picnic, not sure if the farm was not ready for the amount of people or what but the food lines were ridiculous! There was also live music The Anderson Family bluegrass band was a sight to see and hear!
Holden had his first pony ride…Not sure if MJ has ever been on a pony…unfortunately we picked a frisky pony for Holden and he really wasn’t sure he wanted to be on it…in fact he was pretty sure he wanted to get off! But by the end he was holding on and smiling…
They had this old time fire engine as well as an actual working one for the kids to crawl on and check out…Holden loved it when he figured out he could pull a string and the big old bell rang! They are just so cute sitting side by side!
Here’s a collection of Holden shots…and evidence of his first ice cream sandwich! Hand made with homemade organic ingredients…it was VERY tasty…He is such a happy guy!
Yep you are seeing right there was yet another pumpkin patch…The kids enjoyed roaming around…Holden found these two small ball-like pumpkins with extra long stems he loved toting those around they looked a little like ball and chains…or whatever that ball on a rope thing is that they throw for track and field games! Grandpere even caught my little clepto trying to heft a pumpkin into the diaper bag!
We brought home a beautiful green pumpkin and a small white pumpkin…I feel kind of bad that I didn’t get Holden any pumpkins he picked but by the time we were ready to go all his pumpkins had been put down and he was just chasing MJ around…
Here’s MJ enjoying the pumpkin patch…she kept playing “ring around the rosy” Grandma “Tutu” taught her that!
There were also horse drawn Wagon rides…which we did at the end…thought Holden was going to go to sleep…but no he held out till we were halfway home in the car…
That evening we stayed at Tom’s parents…had some nice dinner, a roaring fire in the fireplace…and got ready for our first night away! Yep Tom and I had a little vacation, a quick trip up to Tahoe…I will post pictures and commentary later:-) It was fun and much needed…


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