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New Years Day Hike

So does doing something two years in a row make it tradition? Well then Our new New Years tradition is a new year’s day hike. Last year we went first thing and it was COLD! This year we took our time…We had stayed with Tom’s parents…Beth, Josh and MJ were there too! We got up slowly made a breakfast of Ebelskivers in our new pan, and eggs…and had a leisurely morning…Then we headed out for our hike…by that time Holden was ready for a nap, and it was fairly warm…Holden fell asleep on the way and stayed asleep for the transfer to the back pack and the walk to the trail head…but woke up perky for the hike:-)
It was a beautiful hike! I love living so close to great hiking areas…
Beth, Josh and MJ
Family shot with the canyon in back…
Foresthill bridge in the background…
Beth posing by this rock…beautiful colors! I will have to remember this place there were lots of great backdrops for photoshoots!

We had such a nice relaxing day! Unfortunately Holden has gotten sick again with a fever and cough…poor guy…

Happy New Year!


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