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Daddy Rocks!

So Holden has this shirt, and as I was putting it on him one morning, I said, “This shirt says, My Dad Rocks!”, and Holden said, “Daddy Rocks!” I loved it! So he has been answering the question, “What does your shirt say?” with “Daddy Rocks!” no matter what his shirt actually says…for at least a month now…And a couple of weeks ago he started saying “Daddy Rocks” randomly or whenever Tom is mentioned:-)

A few nights ago we were in the car with Tom and the grandparents and I said, “what’s daddy doing?”, Holden said, “Daddy Rocks!”, and then pause, and then “HOLDEN ROCKS!” The entire car was laughing…I tell you he is so cute! He is my happy guy…

And yes His Daddy does Rock! And so does Holden:-)

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