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The Illusion of Control

Isn’t it amazing how we go through life thinking we have control of it…and then things happen and we are brought back to the reality that we are not in control…I believe a great and loving God is in control…but it still sends me into shock when something happens I was not expecting, or hoping to avoid…

This is what I felt like Wednesday morning…I woke up like every other day, and had my plans like any other day…A simple conversation with Tom changed that…kind of like, “so how would you feel about moving out of state for a few months?” My response, “With you? Sure why not!” It set into motion a whirlwind of conversations and decisions to be made…which of course none have been made…whatever decision is made will be made soon, and the move will be soon after that…the length of time is not determined…most likely it will be shorter than we thought…more like an extended vacation for me and Holden, work project for Tom, than an actual move…thank goodness!

Lots of logistics…But the important things will be taken care of…and we will be together:-) Obviously this change in plans is not a devastating one…or even a sad one…but I was reminded how easily we can get comfortable in where we are at, and not even consider that God’s plan may be different than our own!

  • March 23, 2008 - 9:21 pm

    Staci - I’m so glad that y’all will get to stay together! I’ve definitely had to lean more on God as my comforter during our "transition" time.ReplyCancel

  • March 24, 2008 - 3:31 am

    Jessica and Jason - What a great adventure! Nice to get your soil stirred every so often. Keeps things fresh and in perspective.ReplyCancel

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