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The Office

When I Holden comes into our office he says one of three things…
“Talk on Ganpa” (Talk to Grandpa) We talk to my mom and dad on the webcam a lot and he really likes it…
“Move it on” (Music on) The pictures here tell that story

“Push the buttons” If I am not paying attention and I hear this it is usually not good, it means he has climbed into daddy’s chair and is using the mouse and typing on the keyboard (see pics)…who knows what he will get into or if the blue screen of death will make its appearance…that is the phrase which tells me I need to finish and attend to him:-)
Oh wait he does also say “up on mommy” which usually means destruction for my desk…it needs it though because even though these pics show Tom’s desk messy…this is not normal…my side is ALWAYS messier…maybe he will teach me to clean it;-P
This is his cheeser face!

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