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Ding Dong the couch is gone…

The new one arrives Wednesday! This one is older than Tom and I both (we’re the same age…I guess that’s not saying much!) We got it from family when we got married…we were only supposed to “borrow” it for a year…umm…That was FIVE + years ago…I asked the lender/giver if she wanted it back…thank goodness the answer was no! This couch is past it’s prime…I guess if you covered it and replaced the cushions it could be salvaged…But I wasn’t going to do it…I am so glad its gone…it’s been a good couch for us…and a good infant couch, since we never really worried what happened to it! Hopefully I won’t be a crazy plastic covered couch lady with the new one!

So bye, bye old couch!…

  • April 7, 2008 - 9:01 pm

    Kris - Haha! I think Chad and I had a peice of that couch at one point! <BR/><BR/>My oh my, what a life that couch had!ReplyCancel

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