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We have friends today who are hurting, friends who are anxious, friends who are searching for answers, friends who are scared…I have not asked permission from any of my friends to be blogged about so I ask you this….pray for babies to beat all odds, pray for comfort, pray for peace, pray for strength, pray for babies to make it to term, pray for reconciliation and peace between families, pray for peace at work, just pray I guess…I have been restless all day going between prayer times and tears and just being busy…but our friends are never far from our hearts and minds…

This song has been on my mind all day…I don’t know about copywrite…I am just going to post lyrics…I hope its no big deal…

 Earnestly I Seek You
Words and Music by Terry Mullan

Earnestly I seek you my spirit longs to find you
I am dry and weary and there is no water
Earnestly I seek you my body longs to know you
Oh my God I need you I want your arms around me

Holding me, holding me
Loving me, loving me

Close your eyes, close your eyes
Open your heart, open your heart
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid
of Your Father's heart, of Your Father's heart
You are my child, you are my child
A babe in my arms, a babe in my arms
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid
Of your Father's arms, of your Father's arms

©1993, 1994 King's Arms Music
All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission
CCLI #1383811


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