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Hangin’ with Holden

Today as I was hanging out with Holden…I was truly amazed by him…I am always amazed at how their brains soak up so much stuff…Here are some examples…

…Last night we were doing stuff around the house, so I guess we lost track of time…at 8:02 Holden comes into me and says , “nigh nigh mommy” his normal bedtime is 8:00 and I guess he was ready!

…At the grocery he was done with being in the cart…so he wanted to get out, I said, “do you want mama to carry you?” He said, ” Hold the hand”…seriously I was amazed he said this, because this is the parking lot options…you either hold my hand or you are carried…I didn’t even have to give him the choices…he knew them…So he walked around the store holding Grandmere’s hand…

…We were driving to the library, and a few blocks and at least one turn away Holden says “yibrary” how he knew thats where we were going I don’t know, he must have recognized the drive…

…Tonight we were ordering sushi, and Tom asked me what’s Tobiko again? Next thing we know Holden is saying, “was tobiko” over and over again…cracked us up!

…As I was putting him to bed tonight, I was rocking him and said, ” I love you and God loves you” He looked at me and said, “God loves you…Holden’s bed” which means time to put me in my bed mom…so cute!

…Its amazing how much he knows what he is supposed to do, and he knows when he does something he’s not supposed to, but sometimes it gets away from him before he realizes it, and I remind him and he looks at me and says, “don’t play, just drink”, or “don’t throw it” I can’t believe some of the choices I give him, or instructions are sinking in at 2! Children really are amazing!


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