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Holden outside w/yogurt

On Wednesday, Holden (who loves you to read to him), asked me to read…so I told him to go pick out a couple of books and I would read to him. So he brings back, proudly, “Brown Bear, and counting”. He handed me Brown Bear Brown Bear, and sat down still holding Architecture Counts, I thought this was strange but I started reading with him next to me. Soon, I realized he was reading Architecture Counts…I realize “reading” is a strong word…he looks at the pictures and remembers what they are…I was quite surprised when he got to number 4 and said, “pinnacles” I had never heard him say this. He said Dormers and counted 3, Pinnacles and counted 4, Arches and then realized I was watching him so he said, “All done” and handed me the book…taking Brown Bear Brown Bear from me. Then he proceded to start “reading” Brown Bear Brown Bear to me! He said, “Brown Bear Brown Bear see?” then he would turn the page and see the animal and say, “red bird red bird see?” He got most of them right! At least the animal…some of the colors are still hard…and he loves the teacher with her glasses:-)

Ok just a proud moment I don’t want to forget:-)

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