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To Grandma’s House We Went

Wow! I am behind! I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!

Holden and I ventured down to So.Cal. to visit my parents for a few days…They had been trying to come up but due to unforeseen circumstances they haven’t made it…so we went to them:-) Above is Holden enjoying his first ever donut! Seriously I used to love getting them as a kid but now…I really need protein with my breakfast…so he has been deprived…of donuts, jumping on the bed, a baby stroller…you know all the important things;-P

It was a nice low key visit…we did make it to San Diego, but that will be another post…Grandma got her Holden time in…although I am sure both my parents would love more! He seriously gets spoiled here…I mean we don’t have fancy hooded towels for him!

You can’t see it in the picture but he is pushing a bright pink stroller around…his favorite thing to do on this trip…funny…I think a stroller may be in his future…possibly for his birthday…hmm…By the way all these pics are courtesy of my father…apparently I took mostly SD pics! Thanks dad!

More bath time! This kid loves the water! Although he wasn’t sure of the pool…he wanted to stay right with mama…and he didn’t like it when I dunked him! Guess he doesn’t remember swim class!
The toy basket at Grandma’s is so fun!

“Grandpa, why are you always behind the camera?”

This basket ball hoop was also great fun! All things went into it including Holden! “umm could you put the camera away and help PLEASE!”

Seriously Holden is a GREAT traveler…he does great on the plane, in the airport at restaurants most of the time…the only trouble we are having is when he is tired in the car…he has a hard time going to sleep without his “routine” so that has meant crying himself to sleep…fine when it is just me and I know he will fall asleep…VERY hard on the grands and the great grands…


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