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Mother’s Day Picnic

So the weather here has been beautiful! Tom’s sister had the idea that we should get outside for Mother’s Day…so after church we headed to the river confluence and had a picnic. It was so nice to be outside and be with family! Josh’s mom and brothers and sisters came, as well as Tom and Beth’s mom and dad…and of course MJ and Holden were there:-) Look how beautiful it was!

we got the obligatory we were both here shot! LOL just kidding…I seriously love this man! I am so blessed to have him for a husband and Holden is blessed to have him for a dad…we love you!

Holden is telling me something serious here…so serious we didn’t even wipe the cookie off his face!

What? Am I not supposed to eat this whole cookie?

MJ scooping the water making lattes, shakes, who knows something probably chocolate flavored…I think she mentioned making rock pie too…Holden just wanted to throw the rocks into the river:-)

I am so thankful to be a mom, and to be blessed with awesome moms both my mom and Tom’s mom are amazing women who have taught me so much, they give us a lot of support and most of all love. They are each examples of living a life seeking after Christ…we are truly blessed! And they both love on Holden as much as they can!:-)

Mother’s Day rocked! Thanks Tom and Holden! I love you both!


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