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Friends and the beach…

Holden at the Beach

What more could you ask? I remember when we first moved here and we were looking for a church…we had been going to different churches for about a year and nothing seemed to “fit”. Our church in SLO had been awesome! With an amazing women’s group program…and even more amazing worship and teaching, and of course all of our friends…so the churches here had big shoes to fill;-)

The worship pastor at our old church kept talking about a church in the town where we are, where all sorts of Poly grads went…he said they had a great pastor, and awesome worship band and he thought we would fit right in…The first Sunday we arrived we felt right at home…and we knew we were home…God was present and we felt like we belonged…of course it helped that people at our old church and this new church were still friends and talked about us before we got there:-) I still remember meeting Mrs. P…she talked and talked:-) and finally when we started talking about SLO, she knew we were the ones she had been expecting! So fun!
The Beach

We worried it would be hard to find friends, but as I said we were welcomed right in, with invites to lunch, the pastor and his wife even lived in our neighborhood! And they invited us over for coffee and dessert!

My point in all this is we have at our church, so many friends…and some of these friends actually attended the same school we did and still love the town of SLO and it’s ambiance…so naturally three Poly families set out for a long weekend in nearby Morro Bay…whew, that was a LONG intro…let’s see 6 adults and 5 kiddos, oh and 2 dogs made the drive and stayed at a house…It was SO much fun! such a relaxing time to actually hang out with our friends and not worry about day to day life!

Oh and we got to see some dear friends from our days here and hang with their families:-) Seriously what more could one ask for…a little Farmer’s Market, Firestone, Fish ‘n Chips by the water, local wine, the beach and some awesome friends!
The Beach again 😉

The weather was perfect while we were there, maybe even a little hot! But seriously it could have easily been cold and windy and we were VERY thankful…We arrived in Thursday just in time for a little Farmer’s dowtown…and of course the Firestone…

Friday we spent mostly at the beach…its kind of hard with a little one that takes a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day…but all was well we just made it back to the house, and I worked on a knitting project and Tom went Kayaking:-)

Morro Rock

Saturday was the beach again…this time we met up with our friends The D family…it was awesome to see how much their little guy had grown…and let me tell you that kiddo NEVER sat down…he was all over the beach…in the water, in the sand…no wonder his mama is so thin! She never gets to sit down either…We love you guys and miss you!

Sunday our last day we headed into SLO again to meet up with our friends the Whittingtons…and we got to meet their little guy…He is amazing, and so cute! We loved seeing you all!
Holden and Daddy

It was a great trip…and we tried to be a little greener by carpooling with our friends, The P Family…I am not sure they will do it again as on the way there Holden had to cry himself to sleep in his carseat…on the way back everyone was so tired we all fell asleep!

I can’t wait till the next trip!


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