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Gamma, Gampa, Geat Gamma, Geat Gampa, and Brat

Holden and Grandma

That’s who all came to visit! It was a fun FULL house! We got to play with the new toys and games they brought! We had good food, and good conversation…a recipe for success! It means so much to me that Holden gets to have a relationship with the great grands! Oh and of course everyone had to read MANY books to Holden!

Holden and Grandpa

It’s funny I got pictures of everyone reading to him…He loves all his books! We have a ton but thank goodness for the library or mama might go crazy reading the same stuff;-)
My folks drove up Friday with the Great grands and their dog Brat (yep Brat as in Brat W. Usrt the wiener dog:-)) And they spent a long weekend with us…

Holden, great Grandpa, great Grandma and Grandpa watching videos grandpa took of the visit! Holden loves to see himself on screen! I sometimes wish we had a video camera…oh well just need to make sure I do a great job covering everything with pictures!

Great Grandpa reading Holden a book about airplanes…what else? This kid is crazy for airplanes and trains…

And the star of the trip…Brat! Holden LOVES dogs…I wish he had had more time with Mocha…BUT this visit from BRAT made his week…we still hear about what Brat might be doing…and why is Brat at Gamma and Gampa’s

Holden LOVES his new games…who knew a 2 year old would be into games? Well, he doesn’t follow the rules…but hey he’s not quite 2! They are still fun!

Thanks for the great visit! Come back anytime!


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