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Today the Junior High youth led our service today at our church…And mostly all I can say is wow! I can’t believe I have missed all that has been happening in that ministry. God is definitely present there, and I have to say that it is apparent that He is leading that ministry through the awesome group who has given of their hearts and time to be with those kids.

Tom and the band played worship with one of the guys this morning and this “boy” led one of the songs…He did an awesome job! Then the leaders shared as well as some of the kids shared their testimonies. And then the kids served us communion. I was reminded that while we are called to train up our kids, and show them an authentic relationship with Christ, we also have so much to learn from them. As one leader said, “We think we are so removed of the problems teens face, but in reality we still face a lot of these problems daily. Things like fitting in, body image, peer pressure. Those can be present in our adult worlds as well as in our kids worlds.” totally true!

Anyway, I was beyond impressed by what God is doing with this age group in our church. We have a pretty amazing Children’s ministry and obviously we have a great Teen ministry as well. It definitely feels good to know that Holden will be in good hands in the ministries of our church! I know growing up our youth ministry and mostly the youth pastor and his wife were huge influences in my life. And even though I missed the boat then, the seeds that they planted were definitely key to my desire to seek Christ when nothing else made sense and nothing about my life was working! So I thank all those who listened to God’s call and who give of themselves for our kids.

I still can’t get over hearing one teen talk about what a difference God has made in her life when she took him out of the box, and really let Him into her heart and persued a relationship with Him. That’s so awesome to see in someone so young!

  • June 23, 2008 - 9:15 pm

    Staci - I LOVED youth group at our church growing up. It was awesome to be able to hang out with people who didn’t pressure me to be a part of the "party scene". I cherish the memories of the times that I’d sit around a campfire and just sing praises to God with my friends! Those people are the friends that I’ve remained the closest with to this day. Even though it’s years away…I’m so glad to hearReplyCancel

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