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Wanna Pay?

Translation: I Want to Pray…

I prayed a ton with Holden when he was an infant before he could talk, when I needed him to sleep;-P…and I have prayed in front of him plenty as well…But, just a couple of months ago I realized he can understand more than I give him credit for…I think it was when I heard a story about my niece MJ breaking out in prayer because a digger truck they were watching had disappeared and she thought Jesus could help them find the truck:-)

I realized how foolish I had been not including Holden in prayers for family, friends, prayers of thanksgiving, and prayers of worship. That is where kids learn when they see an authentic relationship between you and God, not just by what you tell them…So now we pray together…and now Holden asks to pray…sometimes SEVERAL times during dinner, or before bed…but it is so sweet…he grabs my hand, closes his eyes, and says “amen” at the end…I know he doesn’t totally get it…I mean when I ask him what he wants to pray about…sometimes he says nothing, mostly he says mommy, tonight at dinner he said “dinder”

I am humbled by the child’s spirit, how open he is to everything. And how much he wants to read about Jesus and God. He is always asking for a book “bout Jesus” and today on the way to church he wanted God to sit by him…How awesome! Also, how awesome a responsibility to make sure that my relationship with God is real, honest, ever growing, and visible to those little eyes and ears…because he will see if it is fake…and he will ask why I am worrying if I tell him not to worry because God is in charge…

I pray that my son will learn as much from me as I am learning from him. He is truly a blessing.

  • June 23, 2008 - 9:11 pm

    Staci - What a wonderful blessing…so see the love between you son and Christ growing each day! I love the excitement children have for God! It really is a growing experience for us as much as it is for them! Keep up the good work of being an example of a godly mother and wife!ReplyCancel

  • June 25, 2008 - 4:40 am

    Tiana - He is BEAUTIFUL!ReplyCancel

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