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Saratoga Getaway

As I said Tom and I had a get away for our anniversary…My birthday and our anniversary are so close we often get two celebrations in one! And I am totally fine with that:-) We couldn’t decide where to go…we wanted somewhere close, but somewhere new too…we checked out all my Sunset magazine clippings, and picked Saratoga…because it sounded interesting, it is close, and there were places to stay available that didn’t require 2 night stays or your first born for payment;-P Oh and it is supposed to have a great Japanese Garden

Saratoga is a cute little town…although it does seem a little persnickety…I mean maybe its just not our kind of town…when we arrived the concierge informed us it was a “reservation” town…meaning we needed to plan ahead which we are not good at…she also informed us of a restaurant where you can expect to spend upwards of 200+ for dinner if we were into that sort of thing…

We walked around town had lunch and then headed out to Los Gatos…more our kind of town…it reminded me a bit of SLO…we roamed around had some more food…then headed back into Saratoga…where we napped:-) Then we decided to try out Uncorked for some wine tasting and then head to a late dinner dessert at the Fondue restaurant in town…so after wine tasting we walked to the fondue restaurant…remember its late at least 9:30pm…we walk in and are promptly asked if we have a reservation…nope…but we just wanted to have chocolate fondue…as we look around the half empty restaurant…turns out they don’t do dessert only on the weekends and you NEED a reservation even at 9:30…and even when the restaurant is half empty…hmm like I said not really our thing…
So we headed down the street and found a yummy sushi place that welcomed us…yum!

The next morning we slept in a little, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast…Then we headed to the Japanese Garden…it was closed for a private event…BUMMER! We roamed the hills admiring the large homes and the views…we did a bit of walking around the trails and outdoors…it is beautiful there…then we went to lunch and tried the gardens again! They were open! It really was beautiful there!

So even though it was not our kind of town…We loved Los Gatos, and would head back again…The gardens were beautiful, the weather was superb…we got a little relief from the smoke…and we got to spend time together, uninterrupted…reminding us that we still love just hanging out, and doing whatever comes up…sometimes you forget this as your powering through life…There is a reason you picked your spouse, and they should be appreciated…not just tolerated, or taken for granted…

And then we got to come home to our son, who was so happy to see us…and we could really appreciate how blessed we are, because we took the time to step away and appreciate what we have.

  • July 28, 2008 - 3:41 pm

    michael - Lol, persnickety is a great alternative to "snobby". I like it. <BR/><BR/>That wouldn’t be our kind of town either. Especially if they’re willing to sacrifice logic and even profit for the sake of formalities (plenty of room, but reservations only).<BR/><BR/>Sounds like a great getaway though.ReplyCancel

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