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The Great American Campout…

We’ve all been itching to take the kiddos camping…We had different ideas where we should go and we have had a couple foiled attempts with schedule conflicts and what not…but Father’s Day weekend we all packed up and headed out…We borrowed Aunt Jamie’s tent…Tom and I brought our own…which was CLEARLY not needed…Have you ever seen a tent this big? There were 3 rooms in it! And bay windows! We should have set our tent up for a comparison…ours is a two-man backpacking tent…it probably would have fit in one of this tents closets…yes that’s right the big tent had CLOSETS…ok enough about the huge tent…The kids loved having their own little playland…the tent is a fascinating thing…so is dirt, pine needles, campfires, the lake…it was all great!

MJ never stopped exploring and exclaiming to all she was experiencing! She ran around and had an amazing time…At least from what I could tell…she was rounding up all kinds of pretend animals and taking care of the in the tent…

Holden LOVED being outside for two whole days! He ran around hugging trees…AND even though Tom will tell you different, I did NOT teach him this…he and MJ figured this out on their own and they do it quite often…now seriously just because I bought them both treehugger shirts does NOT mean I taught them this! But even if I did is it a bad thing to be loving? Or to love our environment? To be thankful for the beauty that God created? Come on folks!

It was fun cooking outside:-) We brought our small tabletop Hibachi (another camping luxury in our world usually we have the camp burners and what ever we can turn into food with boiling water:-)) We grilled chicken burgers and corn…obviously corn…I forgot the foil…so we grilled in the husks…makes for better pictures I say:-)

Of course we had the campfire…and s’mores…the kids loved them it was fun…Holden who normally goes to bed at 8pm (which means right now it is totally light outside) stayed up way past his bedtime…and while he did great it was tough putting him to bed and he really wanted his own bed and NOT to sleep in the tent!

Holden was enjoying the fire, and because he does EVERYTHING we do and in EXACTLY the same way he observes you doing it, he thought he would add some wood to the fire…don’t worry at least one adult if not two were ALWAYS present when the fire was going and we were always within an armslength, whatever this photo led you to believe…

The next morning after gourmet eggs, sausage, muffins, and tea…I missed my coffee:-)…we headed out for a hike around the lake…this campground had ONE trail…so we took it! It was beautiful by the lake and the weather was nice and warm!

The kids rode in the packs…only getting out to play on the beach…

Holden of course was out after about 20 mintues in the pack…he had kind of a rough night of sleep…missing his bed, and I think he was cold…

Here he is SECONDS before falling asleep…

The view from the hike was great! We could see the water, go down to the water, but we were pretty immersed in full tree coverage…

The kids loved it, and we all had a great time! I can’t wait to do it again…and both MJ and Holden are asking about going camping again…and they spend ALL of their time in REI in the tent that is set up in front!

We stopped on Grass Valley on the way home, had a little coffee:-) and some treats…then headed home…What a great way to spend Father’s Day weekend…

  • July 7, 2008 - 7:40 pm

    michael - So where did you end up going? Or did you already say it, but I missed it?ReplyCancel

  • July 7, 2008 - 9:47 pm

    Amanda Lomonaco - Our tent is huge, too. Mike set it up yesterday for practice. It doesn’t have a bay window, though.<BR/><BR/>That trip sounded very nice. Maybe we could do a church family camping trip sometime.ReplyCancel

  • July 8, 2008 - 5:12 am

    Jessica and Jason - Looks like a blast! What an adventure for you guys. :)ReplyCancel

  • July 9, 2008 - 4:06 am

    Robertson Family - We went to Scott’s Flat Lake…Near Grass valley, great close camping spot!ReplyCancel

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