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Popsicle 101

A couple of weeks ago, Beth had some watermelon that was past its prime…it was still good, just past the point where she enjoys it (I don’t enjoy it at all)…So we decided to make the kids popsicles out of it…Sunset popsicles is what they are called…We omitted the sugar and made them…

These were the kids first popsicles…Holden didn’t like his…see picture below…But MJ, well she loved it! You can tell by the pictures! I am so glad we did them outside and had them dressed accordingly:-) They were MESSY…mostly Holden got sticky enough to collect dirt and grass but wouldn’t eat his…

Simple pleasures in life…a little sun, a little outside, and a little frozen fruit and juice:-) Gotta love Summertime…can’t you just here Will Smith’s song in your mind? No? It’s just me then:-)


This was Holden’s face after EVERY taste! Poor guy I guess we were torturing him! SO strange he loves watermelon, loves OJ and loves to eat ice…wonder what it was about it?

Look how messy it was! Grandmere dunked both of them in a bucket of water after this event…Holden mostly just got dunked because he has to do whatever MJ does!

Just a little summertime magic to share!

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