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Popsicles 102…

So we tried the popsicles again…this time Holden SEEMED to like it but then was WAY more interested in running in the sprinkler and getting wet than in actually eating the popsicle…

Luckily MJ had no problem eating hers and eating Holden’s as well!

Looks good to me!

Cracks me up that MJ didn’t leave her chair once…and Holden sat in his a number of times for about um 1 second!

I think MJ needed a run through the sprinklers more than Holden!

We have been eating popsicles non stop this summer…and Holden actually ATE 3/4 of his yogurt popsicle today…of course he ate it while sitting on my lap so I was in need of a sprinkler run as well:-)


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