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It’s Raining, It’s pouring…

Oh wait no it’s not…Its HOT…and when its hot and kids want to go outside there is only one thing to do…TURN A SPRINKLER ON! Not eco friendly…but sanity saving for sure! Oh yeah and we have popsicles

See the pool in the background? It is seriously not needed…whats more fun than a oscillating sprinkler? It chases you!

Ahhh it’s getting ME!

Hurry run…but remember stay right on the edge so it still gets you!

What you lookin at? I can take the sprinkler…

Mom look I am ALL wet!

Ahhh…it got me again!

My favorite!

Who knew sprinklers would be so fun! Who knew the kid who screams when the shower gets him because water is in his eyes…would enjoy sticking his face in the spray of the sprinkler? He’s crazy! But OH SO FUN!

I love summertime!


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