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Pismo Beach Thursday

Funny we missed Wed pics too! I think we were at the beach…BUT when you don’t get out of the house till 11 and your kiddo is ready for a nap at noon and sleeps 3 hours your days sometimes get messed up:-)

So Thursday the original plan was the Children’s museum in late afternoon and then dinner and Farmer’s Market…BUT again we deemed not the best idea to do that with all the kids…SO Holden very nicely had an early nap, and then we headed into SLO…we stopped off for lunch at a great restaurant The Natural Cafe…and then headed to the museum…

The museum is newly built…and still under construction…it was quite fun, but still had some exhibits to open and construction to finish…

I LOVE children’s museums! They are the busy toddler’s mom’s best friends…seriously…I LOVE that he can touch everything, he can play with everything, climb on everything, and as long as he respects others he can pretty much do whatever he wants:-) And I get to sit back and watch him enjoy…or join in the fun!

Lu and Flynn had fun too! Look how cute they are! This is a pendulum that you can get on!

And of course the FIRE ENGINE!!!! Have I told you Holden loves trucks, cars, tractors, cranes trains, and of course police cars and fire engines! Total boy!
There were even hats, gloves jackets and boots! Hee Haw!

Seriously, I don’t know how long we were at the museum, but I love watching my son just thoroughly enjoy himself without having to worry if he is getting into something he shouldn’t…I wish we had one here…I’m sure our mom’s group would love it!

Oh and the trains…did I mention them? Flynny LOVES Thomas…and well Holden, he doesn’t know who Thomas is but he LOVES trains! So the train table was the coolest thing we’d ever seen! Seriously INGENIOUS to put holes in the middle of the table to allow the kids to get inside the track! I want one of these for Holden! Of course we have no where to put it but still!

I think the boys could’ve stayed here all day!

They had climbing things, and while I know Holden has climbing genes…I always doubt that he will keep going…what a fool! He would have climbed unassisted to the top, but luckily the climbing apparatus held adult weight as well, so one of us (my dad) could climb up and make sure he didn’t fall…I totally was letting him climb on his own…it’s netted he couldn’t fall out!

Outside there was this spinny thing, much like one we have at our local park…Tom has tried it and almost fallen off and/or gotten sick on it…I figured the kids would try it once and then be done…oh no…there was a line of kids and they all politely gave everyone turns…over and over again…Flynn loved it until he got dizzy I think and wanted off…Holden loved it until he got too dizzy…too dizzy to walk when he got off it…he looked like a drunken sailor…kind of like when he first started walking!
He even figured out how to lean into the turn to make himself go faster! I thought he was going to launch himself out!

Outside there were hoola hoops which of course the adults had to try…I did better jump roping my hoop, while my mom showed her skills with the hoop…none of the kids could get the hang of it…

We had too much fun!

Lu loved loving on Holden:-) Afterwards we stopped at a coffee shop…but that story is a post in itself:-) More later!

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