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Have Your Cake and Bake it too!

I often call myself the “meanest mommy ever” although my SIL always tries to say she’s the meanest…but come on I made Holden bake his OWN birthday cake! Now that’s mean, right?

In all seriousness, we have hit this age…this “two” age where everyone claims kiddos are “terrible” I disagree…I love this stage! OK…not the defiance testing part, but the rest…the talking, learning, desire to help, wanting to know how everything works! I love it! Hehe as long as you don’t ask me the same question I have already answered 10 times;-P

So anyway, MJ came over to help as well…I think I mentioned it and she fixated on it and made Beth bring her over! but it was FUN! I got to be all Julia Child on them explaining every step, and they helped me pour and stir…and wait for the cake goodness to cool enough to taste:-) And the best part is I could blame two little ones for the mess I made!:-) I NEED an apron when I cook, bake, or even wash dishes!

I don’t think Holden minded helping with his car cakes:-) MJ kept saying, “I REALLY like cars” trying to get just one more bite of cake:-) What a fun day! I love days like this!
  • September 3, 2008 - 3:10 pm

    Carolyn - I think two is a fun age–well, most of the time! I love the "conversations" we get to have with our little ones! :)ReplyCancel

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