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Um…I have a 2 year old…

this is what 2 looks like to us:-)

::34″ tall according to the Dr…::
::a mere 25 lbs::
::Likes to be a “Kazy Man!” which means running around shaking his head and of course his own form of “dancing”::
::Likes to do EVERYTHING “by hiself”::
::Still waiting on the upper molars but as the Dr. put it “wow! that’s a lot of teeth!”::

::Still mostly vegetarian…does eat meat “hidden” in a grilled cheese or quesadilla (did I mention he likes cheese?)…still likes bacon::
::LOVES to share stuff with mommy…unless of course its meat:-)::
::He’s a GREAT sleeper, Tom is now “nigh, nigh” master…::
::Great napper “usually”::
::Just started saying, ” i yove you” uncoerced!”::
::still nurses once a day::
::Talks in paragraphs::

::LOVES to pretend, seriously…I didn’t know how this came about in children…but now I am convinced it is there, you just have to foster it when it makes it’s apperance::
::will “read” us books::
::LOVES all things truck, train, plane, etc.::
::Knows most colors::
::LOVES the library…last time we brought back 14 books! And he read them all so much he knew them in the 3 weeks!::
::Is still my happy guy…but REALLY likes to get his own way!::
::LOVES to help::
::Sometimes I feel like the way he talks/reasons he is about 10…and then I am uickly brought back to reality by his tantrums:-)::
::I can’t say it enough…I love this age!::
I am sure there is more…but here’s a taste:-)

This is too cute not to include…MJ and Holden learned “Happy Birthday” at Christmas time singing Happy Birthday to Jesus…I think MJ and probably Holden, equate singing Happy Birthday with praying or worshiping because it always includes eyes closed…and sometimes there is even waving of the hands! Too precious!

Actually blowing out the candles…
So even though my boy was mute at the Dr. office until the Dr. left the room then he spouted many paragraphs of what had transpired…we all know he can talk:-) he was so brave at the Dr…barely cried with the shot…not a sound when the nurse took FOREVER testing his iron…and of course a sticker made it all better…

I love you my little man…I can’t believe you are two!


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