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Air Show

So we headed to the air show in Auburn…I took LOTS of pictures…ALOT um but We had reset my camera which apparently reset the option to shoot without a memory card in it…and by the time I realized it we were HOT and exhausted…so NO cool plane pics…total bummer because I wanted to make some growth charts out of them!

Holden LOVES planes…and this was at the airport that Grandpere’s plane is parked at…so of course we went…Grandpere toted Holden around showing him all the planes and of course showing Holden to all his flying friends:-)

So after realizing my faux paux I got my card in time to capture our exploration of this King Air (means nothing to me but that’s what Grandpere called it…I do know it was a NICE plane though!)
Holden thought it was great to be the pilot, in fact he told grandpere, “I need to be there” pointing to the pilot’s seat when we tried to get him out!

Serious “Pilot in Training” here!

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