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Pumpkin Patch #1 – Blowing through the Hay Maze

Saturday we headed to Davis to check out a pumpkin patch that was mentioned in Sunset magazine. The wind was blowing like crazy and it felt like fall…I wished we had brought some hot cider to sip while we were out there…This patch had a Hay maze…much to Tom and Josh’s dissappointment it was nothing like the one they used to experience at Avila Valley Barn…but for the kids it was fun…due to high winds and possibly some crazy kids, some of the walls had fallen down so it was more a climbing apparatus instead of a maze…but oh well…

The kids roamed while I took pictures, Tom helped Holden Josh helped MJ and Beth enjoyed the fall ambiance:-) I’m not sure how long we were out here but we all got windblown and covered in hay…some of the openings were not helpful to the ego, as I barely squeezed through!

I know I haven’t written/shown any pumpkins yet but I took so many pics I had to divide the posts…so mor to come…

These hats on MJ kill me when I take photos its so hard to see her gorgeous eyes!

We took a couple family pics, but the wind just wasn’t helpful!
Beth’s ears were hurting due to the cold!

The cute Peterson family:-)


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