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Tree Hunt 2008

Every year, since Beth and Josh moved here we venture out the day after Thanksgiving to hunt down our tree…Beth likes to seriously get the Christmas spirit started! So we all stayed at Grandmere and Grandpere’s woke up made breakfast and headed out…We had planned a little ebelskiever making, but that blasted new kitchen I designed for Grandmere has a fancy new induction cooktop! And apparently its too fancy for our poor ebelskiever skillet:( Bummer!

Love the Tree Farm Rapid Transit stop! when you arrive you are taken up to the hunt area in the back of a 1950’s Willys Jeep…quite fun! Grandmere and Grandpere set out to find the absolute largest tree that would fit in their two story great room…he enjoyed measuring the enormous trees…

The Quintessential start of the hunt shot…

Can you see Tom and Holden in the trees?

Holden also enjoyed measuring the trees, although his sights were set MUCH lower:-)

“Mom, this sprout looks like a good size…”

The place also had the world’s largest (?) Teeter Totter…The kids really enjoyed it…no really MJ is always serious…

MJ was NOT into the whole family picture thing…so this is what we got…
The grounds were beautiful, it was cold down in the “town” area and warm for the hunt so a perfect day:-) We got our trees and the kids had fun, what more could you ask for?


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