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Christmas Photo Shoot

So every year we try to plan some cute coordinating outfits for the kids…see 2007 and 2006…We did that this year, well mostly Holden had stuff and MJ got new stuff:-) Holden got some new stuff but he still fit some of last years so you know we kept it simple…I made his hat:-) Actually it was part of his Halloween costume

Anyway, between super cold days, and trying to coordinate naps we just couldn’t do it…so Holden got a shoot all his own, and MJ well we never really caught her by herself…oh well next year…I took these in our yard…it was cold and last minute, but you know you NEED a December picture for the grands calendar:-)

Holden has fun with the camera now…and what can I say he LOVES trees:-)My little tree hugger…

He has so many funny faces, funny and adorable faces I have such a hard time picking ones to show…

This was the end inside…I think he really was tired…he kept saying he and Corduroy were going to sleep:-)


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