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A Boy and His Bear

Holden LOVES Corduroy stories and he even has his own Corduroy thanks to Grandemere…you see MJ got a Corduroy for her birthday and Holden was simply in love with the thing…so well we had a bear, a naked bear…and Grandmere in all her crazy seamstress ways made this bear some green overalls and gave him a purple pocket…Holden was in LOVE…he always picks Corduroy to come on outings, and on trips…and although Corduroy is now one of four “babies” he sleeps with, they don’t all fit…so Corduroy is one of two that get the places of honor at his sides while the other two are relegated to the foot of his bed…

Holden would really like it if Corduroy could talk…I mean what good is a friend who doesn’t talk to you…but meanwhile he talks to Corduroy, rocks him, dances with him, and kisses him:-) My boy is definitely a loving little guy!

Oh and by the way MJ HAD to get a purple pocket on her Corduroy when Holden got his:-) They are so funny, everything must be the same…


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