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Christmas Gifts

I only made a few gifts this year…With my business, and photography…there just wasn’t a ton of time…but I LOVED everything I made:-)

I made the above scarf, from a Martha pattern, for my mom and Tom’s mom (hers is turquoise)…I saw it on this blog first:-)

Sometimes it’s hard to think of things to make for men…I mean they are not always into the super handmade…you know? But my brother and my dad are crazy for the VWs…my brother loves his Kharman Ghia, and my dad his VW Bus…I researched the years owned/loved, and made them some awesome appliqued T’s…I think they turned out great!

I also made MJ a scarf, and Beth a T, with the VERDE logo on it…but I didn’t get pics sorry!


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