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Pismo Beach…a small getaway and a special birthday…

Well, we got an invite to very special little guy’s first birthday, along with a notice his family was taking off to another state! So I begged Tom (it really didn’t take much :-)) to take me to the central coast whatever it took…Turns out the grands, thought it was a good idea, so we got whisked away in Grandpere’s plane:-) We found an awesome deal at a hotel that is a bit under construction, but the views were well worth any inconvenience which seriously only occurred in the parking lot!

I tell you a cure for a little morning sickness, and winter blues is a weekend here when the sun is shining and January temperatures are in the 70’s! It was relaxing and fun! More relaxing because Grandmere and Grandpere were here too, helping with Holden:-) and keeping Tom company when I didn’t have the energy to go see our friend play…:-)

What gorgeous views! Oh how I wish we could move back here…

Holden of course LOVED the water! And was not afraid to get wet and sandy! What fun!


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