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San Diego Trip…

The architecture organization I am a part of had their January Board Meeting in San Diego this year…so Holden and I went…The above is what happens when you take a 2+ year old on a walking architecture tour…he passed out at the first building a historic theater:-)
Could have been the tour….could have been the traveling and missed nap!

Holden now loves staying in a hotel…and he does remarkably well…now that he is in a big boy bed its nice not to have to lug the pack n play everywhere:-) He’s such an amazing sleeper…the only downside to that is if it is his bed time and you the mom have not had dinner yet due to architects, maybe most adults eating at 7:30 or later, and you are staying in the hotel…you may have to forgo dinner…Luckily my dad was there and brought my dinner to me, so I ate while Holden slept:-)

We couldn’t come to San Diego and not see the cousin’s…my mom took Holden up there while my dad and I attended the board meeting…Holden loves this car…can’t get enough of it!

And everyone loves stories read by grandma:-)

Seriously Flynny and Holden coldn’t get enough of each other…they have matching pjs, and pretty much had to do whatever the other was doing the whole time!

At some point my folks needed a diet coke, so they took the kids down to the local convenience store to get Popsicle…they asked if Holden had had a Popsicle before…were kind of shocked to learn he had only had the kind I make myself…so Paula assured me the one they picked out was full of the worst stuff…:-) Oh well you only live once right? One Popsicle won’t hurt…it’s not like he’s 100% organic and sugarless anyway…And look how much he enjoyed it:-)

See Lu? This is what my dad did most of the time…he had one kid or another on his back…I am not sure how he survives these visits but somehow he does:-)

They have this neat little park…Holden still talks about it…

The above right is his face when I told him we had to go…not a happy camper…

Such a cute boy!


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