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My Big Boy!

I guess he was ready! While out shopping last week, Holden declared he wanted Thomas and Car undies…umm you don’t wear undies…we have been talking about it but even though he showed signs he never really had done it more than once or twice…well last week I just put him in undies/training undies…Sure we had a couple days of accidents…I tried setting the timer…that worked the first day, the second he would only go when he told me he had to so we had a couple accidents then too…then all of the sudden he seemed to get it…he didn’t want the timer, and he would tell me when he had to go…amazing! We have been completely accident free for 2 days now, and I don’t have to harp on him about going he just tells me! The amazing thing is I stayed home the first 2 days afraid of venturing out, but the last few days have been normal, and even in the midst of playing with MJ he will stop and go! I am so proud of my little big guy! I know we will still have some accidents, but I tell you he deserved those new undies!

And now, I know some of you are shocked that Holden actually has something that has a licensed character on it…I am too! He picked them out…I coudn’t say no, that was the promise, go on the potty pick your own undies…He chose those because well his cousin Flynny has Thomas and Cars books, shirts, undies, etc. and he likes to be like Flynn…so welcome to the darkside I guess…at least he calls them his train undies ;-P and the cars are race cars…although thanks to me and Flynn he knows who Mater is…oh well, could be worse:-)


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