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God’s Promise…

Today we were supposed to go snowshoeing…it was part of our valentine’s…We went up to the Grand’s last night, left Holden went out to dinner, and then were supposed to head out this am…small problem, snowshoeing is fun when there is lots of snow…BUT not when there is lots of it currently coming down…so we changed our plans…and ventured out to nearer by towns and braved the crazy rain to spend sometime together and eat good food, and drink good coffee:-)

On our way home we spotted the above rainbow…now I have seen lots of rainbows…but this one was so close it actually looked as if we were going to find it’s end, and the pot of gold! Just kidding…Actually as we chased this rainbow and watched others do the same, I thought of the story of Noah, and the promise that God made to him after the flood. The promise between God and man. This rainbow was beautiful, and full, we could see it almost reach the ground, and it arched all the way to the other side, where again it seemed to touch the ground. So too, is God’s promise and His love. I love being reminded of scripture in God’s beauty. Mostly because it reminds me it’s real, and it makes me look up the references in the bible:-) Genesis 5-9 is the story of Noah and the flood…

So an amazing day with my husband, and an amazing reminder of God’s love…

Happy Valentine’s

  • February 17, 2009 - 3:37 pm

    Karen - That looks beautiful….hope you had a nice weekend!!ReplyCancel

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