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Wild Turkey’s?

Since when do we live on a farm? Or even in a rural area? C’mon we live in the ‘burbs! But it was entertaining, especially to the kids…we woke up walked into the kitchen, and I yelled, “Holden, there is a WILD TURKEY in our back yard!”

He ran to the window and watched the turkey for quite some time, until it got wind of us, and decided to leave…

Holden called them pelicans for a long time, and when I told them they were turkeys he said, “But not the kind we eat!”

After MJ got here…they came back…3 females and a male! The male was quite a site as he got all puffed up, and paced while the females ate…The kids enjoyed them for a LONG time! And then after they feasted under our oaks they headed out and we haven’t seen them since!

Fun times here in the ‘burbs!

  • March 22, 2009 - 1:36 am

    Staci - It’s a good thing my boys weren’t there or they might have had some target practice! lol I really liked the shooting that you did (with your camera). Great pics!ReplyCancel

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