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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

A friend of our mom’s group invited us to an outing at the zoo. It was a win-win, we got a trip to the zoo and she got to give her final docent training tour to a group of friends:)So of course we took her up on it…The day was beautiful, and the tour was the “Big Cats” tour…so no bears…but we did see lions and tigers…

She did a great job and we learned more than we knew before…always a bonus, and the kids were outside and got to see big animals, I think everyone was happy!

Mr. N above was very serious at first:)

I guess because of the nice weather most of the animals were out which is always a plus when at the zoo…

Here Kari is showing Z what happens when you throw a metal dish into the tigers den…

“This is the life”

“What are you looking at?”

This was a neat trick I wish I discovered earlier…at some distance between me and the fence, and the animal and the fence…the telephoto lens makes the fence disappear…pretty cool!

Not a zoo exhibit:) But my little monkey…this was right after he some how dove head first off the 6″ curb? not sure how that happened but obviously he recovered quickly!

“mmm sweet potatoes and broccoli”


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