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Heard Recently – 06

Holden has a new thing…he makes up songs about whatever we may be talking about…usually we are having a conversation or someone will point something out and then he says, “I have a song about that…” and he proceeds to sing it…

Tante Beth today pointed out the cows…
“where” Holden asked,
“well now you missed them, they are behind the bush”
Holden: “The cows behind the bush, I have a song about that…wooo woo, the cows behind the bush woo woo” to no particular tune…he had another one but now I can’t remember it…so cute…

Also we were “looking” for the horses on the way home from Grandmere’s and we said maybe they were getting cozy in their barns, when we saw they were out, we said “say bye horsies”
Holden: “Bye Horses go get cozy in your blankets”
a little break…
“Pretend…the horses have to pretend to get cozy in their blankets”
He cracks me up!

  • April 8, 2009 - 4:51 am

    michael - That is really cute. <BR/><BR/>Does your cell phone have a voice recorder? Maybe you could record it and post it on your blog, or at least have it to remember later.ReplyCancel

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