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Easter Cookies

Tante Beth found a recipe for Easter basket cookies that she thought the kids would enjoy…so we got them together and tried to make them…as Tom stated when we got home, “I thought you were making cookies, where are they?” Well, um, in our bellies…and no its not due to the pregnant mamas in attendance:-)The kids really only had the patience to make 0ne each and then eat them, and then the moms made one each and then ate them…and then it was probably nap time:-)

Miss P liked to point out what I was doing…like here, “picture!”
MJ was VERY serious as always when it comes to the sweet things…

More seriousness…you know it involved chocolate…so it was a serious endeavor…and the handle of the basket was licorice…each little one went through SEVERAL handles…

Finished products…Holden’s cheeser face…oh how I miss the camera REAL smile! And Miss P’s…

MJ…notice no handle even made the picture in hers:-) Gotta love that girl! It was fun times…and will get even more fun as they get older and enjoy the process more:-)


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