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First Antibiotic…

Holden got his first antibiotic today…it was a busy day! He woke up and had what I thought was sleep in his eye…so I wiped it out…then I guess I kept doing it through out the morning, although I didn’t notice…because have I mentioned we are in excrow on a house…Oh yeah, so packing, and running around that’s what I do nowadays…but back to Holden…SO we are at trader Joes, and I realize I have wiped yuck out of his eyes 4 times! I find Tante Beth and say, “Look at his eyes”, she says…”UhOh that’s how MJ’s eye infection started!” Oh No! Seriously? yup…over two weeks after MJ, Holden gets an eye infection…related? maybe but seems unlikely…

So…I call Tom, he calls Aaron…our trusty eye Dr., and friend, and we get an appointment…later Aaron confirms, a bacterial infection in Holden’s eyes and antibiotics are needed…Holden’s first ever! I guess I should be glad he has made it almost 3 years without an antibiotic…oh well…Hope it clears up soon! Meanwhile I am off to wash all the sheets and towels! Of course this comes on the day after Holden crawled into my bed in the middle of the night and slept with us! My eyes already itch! But then again that’s normal for me!

Oh and we closed on our house today! I will be even more scarce for a bit…then will catch up:-)


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