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Heard Recently – 07

Most of you know we have a hard time getting Holden to eat what we eat…I know full well this is my fault, and he eats healthy food, its just that it would be easier if he joined us in dinner instead of having to make him something else…

So on the way home from Trader’s we were talking about dinner, I was making chicken burgers, Holden who has eaten and liked chicken declared he wouldn’t eat that and that he didn’t like chicken…we talked about it awhile and finally he decided he would try ONE bite…Mostly because I told him Mr Jim (Tom’s folks contractor and now a family friend and a favorite of the kiddos) ate chicken burgers, and Holden wants to grow big and tall like Mr Jim.

So at the dinner table, I asked him to try a bite, he refused…so after a bit of trying we gave up…

Holden started playing with something at the table…
Holden: “this is pretend cake, I’m going to eat it all up!”
Me: ” You sure do like your pretend food…maybe you should eat some real food…How will you become big like Mr. Jim? Or are you just going to be a pretend big man”
Holden: “No I’m a WEAL(real) MAN! A WEAL MAN!”
to which we laughed hysterically…

too funny!


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