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Heard Recently – 08

Holden told me today the baby is a girl…the conversation went like this…
Me: Who’s my favorite Boy?
Holden: Holden!
Me: Who’s my favorite man?
Holden: Daddy!
Me: Who’s my favorite baby?
Holden: A Girl!
Me: You think the baby’s a girl? What if it’s a boy?
Holden: Then we would have too many boys!, we already have me and daddy…
Me: So you want a little sister…
Holden: Yes, I want a sister and I want her to be just like MJ!

Tom and I looked at each other and laughed…he’s so funny…

But he LOVES his cousin, and so do we!

For the record later he said he wanted a brother…so you never know…but he has always called the baby she…maybe he knows something?


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