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Mother’s Day a bit late:-)

Like last year we were set to have a Mother’s Day picnic at the river…BUT unfortunately a nasty illness attacked Beth and MJ, and we decided to stay far away from them…Grandmere came down to attend them…there was also a remodel project at the Peterson household underway, so we decided to postpone the picnic until everyone could come and enjoy themselves…

So at the spur of the moment one Sunday morning, we decided to forgo all house projects and spend the afternoon just being…so we called the grands, and the Peterson’s and headed up after church…as always it was gorgeous, and the water felt great! Holden was ready to jump right in…kept wanting someone to take him into the “waves” (rapids)

He loves to lay in the water…not sure why, and trying to get a leaf to sink and stay seriously occupied him over and over for much of the afternoon…

“Smile mom, daddy is taking our picture!” His hair had just been dunked face first into the water…on purpose…hence the Eddie Munster look:-)

The kids had a great time, we had a great time, and it was SO nice to get out of the house and not think about projects, unpacking, cleaning or anything…to just be and admire God’s creation, especially after awesome worship and message at church!


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