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Baby Gifts

Tom’s cousin Carrie makes amazing things! I had asked her if she would make me a soft structured carrier for the new babe…I used the sling so much with Holden, but I am thinking I might like a little something more buckled in for running after Holden while carrying the new babe…I sent her the fabric, and she made this AWESOME carrier! I love how it turned out…I took Holden in a ride on my back and it would have been a much easier solution for this wearing session! Although it’s a tad hard now to get buckled under my 9 month low belly:-)
I can’t wait to carry the baby in it! I am sure I will still use my sling as well…but it’s nice to have options…

Carrie also offered, to make Beth and I crocheted blankets…so I went and got the yarn that most closely matched the nursery…it’s really the colors just a different tonal match, think more fall like instead of spring like, well when I show you pics of the nursery (coming soon!)…But again it is beautiful and warm and BIG! I think it will be ideal for laying baby on when we are out, and will continue to work as baby grows!

So thank you Carrie! Thank you for sharing your talent and showering me and baby with love! Thanks also Aunt Sandy and Carrie for the lunch and desserts, especially the homemade ice cream! Holden and I ate those for a couple days:-) Oh and Tom enjoyed the pie!

We have a great family:-)


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