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3rd Day – new week

Today, unfortunately we had lots of tears, and sadness…it broke my heart to leave him, I am so thankful I have a friend whose son is in that class because she took the time to pray with me after I left him, and said all the words I needed to hear…

When he realized I was leaving, he wanted Ms. Danica, of course, and cried while clinging to her…

My time at home while he was there was so sad, I kept waiting for the phone to ring and for them to say he hadn’t recovered…it never did…

I arrived at the school a bit early…and as I did I saw them walking back from the park area…he was still in Ms. Danica’s arms so I thought maybe it had been bad…but my friend peeked in and said all was well he was in circle time not in her arms…so when I talked to the teacher, she said this was the best day yet…although he cried for about 5 minutes, he recovered, and…PARTICIPATED! so good! He had paintings to show me (which he told daddy were for his office when we got home…hmmpf!), and he told me, “Mom they have brushes here! you don’t have to use your fingers!” Then he waved to the teachers and said, “Bye, see you next day!” So hopefully Thursday will be better….

Although he has already informed me he is going to cry a little bit each day…just because…

  • September 2, 2009 - 4:15 pm

    Carolyn - Lauren's first preschool teacher told us this is pretty normal: day one goes well because everything is exciting and new. Then day two is tough because they know what's coming. It's almost like they're thinking, "Wait, I have to do this again?!" But it does get easier, for both mama and child. :) Now Lauren tells me she wants to go to preschool every day. Every time IReplyCancel

  • September 2, 2009 - 6:38 pm

    Jessica and Jason - Aww. It's hard to grow to be big. (And maybe even harder for us mommies?)ReplyCancel

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