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Celebrating MJ’s Fourth!

This year again we went for a hike to celebrate MJ’s birthday…I guess the picnic lunch and two kids was too much for us to remember because I forgot to get the camera out of the car:-) SO trust me it was a beautiful hike, albeit extremely HOT! It didn’t help that I had Daniel in the carrier…speaking of that who knew that an extra 12 or so pounds could make an “easy” hike that much harder:-) Could be I am a “bit” out of shape…But it felt awesome to be outside and to get some exercise!

The cake is a pretty serious event…MJ helped decorate and it turned out so cute!

I don’t think Daniel was impressed…see the burp cloth, if you hold him, you better have one!

See even Holden thinks the cake is serious business!

Daniel, still not impressed…

Cake and Ice Cream YUM!

Now for presents…Daniel says, “Mama said Knock you out! I’m gonna knock you out”

Miss P was wishing it was her party…She wanted the presents for herself…it’s hard when you are 2…she sits here in between her cousin (boy) and little brother…soon she and MJ will be outnumbered…they will have to stick together…

Are we done yet?

This is seriously the sweetest picture ever! I am not sure if it is because I told Holden he couldn’t “help” MJ open her presents or he was just tired from missed nap, but he sat here with Grandpere the whole time they opened presents, and then came to play at the end of course! I love my boy!

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