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Pumpkin Patch with Preschool

On my what in the world was I thinking list this trip…I didn’t even think about it…sure I would take my 2 month old and my 3 year old on the 3 year old’s preschool field trip…how hard could it be? No daddy doesn’t need to be asked to go…how hard could it be? I am sure no other dad’s are going!

I think I was the only one with 2 kiddos there without a dad or a helper…thank goodness Sutter is in Holden’s class and Catherine was there to help!

The day started out rough…we got to the patch, Daniel wanted nothing to do with the stroller and Holden wanted nothing to do with his class, HE instead wanted to ride in the stroller and not participate…it took EVERYTHING in me not to turn around and go home! I am so glad I didn’t because Holden talks so fondly of the patch trip with his class:-)

Buds…or something:-) Here Holden wasn’t quite sure yet!

The class:-)

After the pig races! I had never seen those…fun for the little ones:-)

They have all these cool tractors to investigate and ride on! The boys had a ton of fun!

Waiting for the train!

This boy…he LOVES life! And has all the expressions to prove it! Such a cutie!

My boy likes to enjoy his life in the comfort of his own family!:-) Seriously he is so shy…hmm…can’t think of WHO he got that from!

Searching for the perfect pumpkin!

Seriously this place is the best patch! A train ride through a pumpkin tunnel, Animals, tractors, hayrides, slides, food! What more could you want?

Okay so here is the difference between Sutter and Holden…they each had one quarter’s worth of food…Holden took 10 times as long to use it up! This kid is so methodical in everything…he definitely has some engineering genes, along with his creative ones…

And Daniel ended the day, with a desperate need for a clothing change, and Holden didn’t want to leave…he was lured away by the promise of food…and both passed out in the car:-) A success! It was an introduction to outings with two kiddos:-)

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