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My Boy Knows his Mama!

Daniel definitely knows who I am…I have left him with Beth and the Grands and sometimes he’s fine…sometimes he just needs his mama!

But the best happened the other day at the park. Holden had to go to the bathroom(of course) and I handed Daniel off to a friend…he was fine all while I was gone, but as soon as I came back and he got his eye on me he started fussing till he was in my arms…Love that!

It seems as if Daniel is going to teeth early like Holden…he has been drooling and chewing a ton…and unfortunately the last few nights he has awoken every 2 hours…it wears a mama out! He pushes him self up pretty well…when he is on his back he tries and tries to sit up…because he can see his Big Brother better that way…so often we are holding him facing out so he can take it all in…

When you say hi to Daniel, he babbles back with something that sounds remarkably like “hi”…he coos and chats a lot…and really only cries if he is tired or hungry…We are coming up on 4 months, and I am curious to hear how much he weighs and how tall he is…we are growing out of all 3-6 months stuff and have moved into 6-9 and 6-12 months stuff…

Holden…well Holden is so amazing! Every day I marvel at how his mind works, I revel in his make believe stories, and of course I am challenged by his 3-ness:-) He has learned to ride his bike and now likes to pretend he is Lightening McQueen or Mater…He and Tom play soccer and football in the house…He asks so many questions I told Tom one day I am going to tally his questions up…I am sure there are 100/day…

He loves to help, He has turned the corner on trying new foods, and eating meat:-) He sleeps well and has transitioned into a new naptime routine…which sometimes includes just playing in his room for a long time, and then going to sleep or just coming out…it’s pretty interesting…

Preschool has been so good for him, he is coming out of his shell, and has made new friends…He loves his teachers and we have come to the point where as soon as we arrive he is gone and I barely get a goodbye!

These are my boys and I am SO blessed!


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